How You Can Remove Car Scratches Like a Mechanic

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You can take the very best care of your car. However, some accidents are unavoidable and a scratch may happen here or there. At times, it is costly going to the garage and if you would love to know how mechanics remove scratches from your car, read on so as to get an idea and save up on your cash in case you need to remove a scratch in the future.

So as to repair a scratch on the body of your car, you first need to wash the panel with soapy water and then thoroughly dry it. Fixing the scratch is mainly sanding it and not removing it. This is done with care so as to ensure that you do not cause more damage by sanding to the next layer. You should only sand down up to the level at which the scratch is.


Sanding is done on scratches that are not too deep and in the Clearcoat. However, you will need to spray Clearcoat onto the panel if the sanding goes through to the underneath color.

Sanding is done using light and short strokes, at an alternating angle of 60 degrees to the scratch. Rubbing compound is used to polish out the sanding scratches. The sanding scratches can be polished out by using rubbing compound. The shine of your car can be brought back by using a polishing wheel. The oscillating polisher is more gentle than the rotary one.

If you haven’t sanded down to the next layer and the scratch is gone, you may use rubbing compound to buff the area. A washcloth or a power buffer does the job. Buffing should be done in a circular motion.

Any coarse compound that remains after the sanding has been done can be removed by using a light cloth. Light hand buffing can do this as well. After you have completed this, apply and rub car wax and your car will look untouched!